Hypertext is not an abstract painting. Do you believe it ? [[Yes]] [[No]] This story is about [[you]] and your [[hypertext]]. For some reason you can`t see your all hypertext but you can [[imagine]] it.How do you imagine your own [[hypertext]], than ? It may be an abstract painting but it isn`t because a [[painting]] is bidimensional and hypertext is 3d or maybe even 4d and it can be also in the [[air]].Everybody would like to know how does all [[hypertext]] look like and to see it on one [[map]] but it is impossible.Hypertext is nothing special. It is a simple system of links and nodes that are connected. [[you]] don`t need to know all your hypertext because it is impossible. Just look at the [[sky]] and you will see that it is not [[binary]] nor electrical. It can look similar to abstract [[painting]] but mostly it looks like a [[tree]] or [[galaxies]] on the night sky. Not every abstract painting looks like [[hypertext]].There is something like [[hypertext]] in the air, do you feel it ? [[Yes]] [[No]]This is not very difficult, it is something like [[stars]] on the dark [[sky]] or a [[tree]] with many branches.Forget about existing maps and create your own one. It still won`t be all your [[hypertext]] but you will be closer to it. Stars are not lonely, they create together [[galaxies]] that can be elliptical, spiral or lenticular. Stars have a [[binary]] system. The sky is blue like [[hypertext]].To understand hypertext you have to claim a tree. From this point of view you will see all the [[map]] and you as a part of it. It is easier to imagine all your [[hypertext]] than entire Universe.Your [[hypertext]] is build of [[links]] and nodes - binary data.Links are essential in this story. They can [[teleport]] you from one place to another and they are invisible [[lines]].[[Hypertext is not an abstract painting]] at all.[[hypertext]] contains lines but it is definately nonlinear.